Essential Online Marketing Strategies for All Businesses

In this day and age entrepreneurs of new businesses are facing more competition than ever before. While the internet has clearly created all kinds of opportunities that would not exist otherwise, it also has led to more competition than ever. This means the success rate for new businesses is relatively unchanged.

Some sources claim that 90 to 95 percent of new businesses will fail, and, unfortunately, many people believe it. While it is no secret that it takes considerable planning, commitment, and perseverance to start and run a successful business, the 90 percent failure rate is pure myth. The origins of this myth are unknown, but a recent study conducted by the Harvard School of Business may perpetuate this myth.

According to their study, the Harvard School of Business estimates that 95 percent of small businesses will fail. Unfortunately, many people seem to interpret this number incorrectly. However, a closer look at the study reveals that these scholars viewer failure much differently than most ambitious entrepreneurs. From the perspective of the researchers, 95 percent of small businesses fail because they do not achieve specific goals within predetermined time frames.

While you might see this as a minor setback, it would not be grounds for closing your doors. But you might consider internet marketing help to market your business. The best part is that getting online marketing help for small businesses is not as expensive as you might think. In fact, a simple Google search will reveal a multitude of free SEO services online. If you are not so confident with your tech skills, an SEO marketing services can offer you a wide array of marketing strategies that are effective and affordable.

The bottom line is there are more ways than ever to market your business. While none of these services comes with an absolute guarantee of long term success, anything that can help market your business should be welcome.

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