Four Surprising Facts Social Media Experts Should Know

Most people, especially those who have careers in marketing, know that social media is already massive and is continuing to grow. However, they might not be familiar with all of the exact statistics that make so many businesses try to find social media marketing help. While the average computer user is likely to understand how to use popular sites, and their general purpose, it can be much more difficult to put that into a business context. Getting to know some of the jaw dropping statistics could help businesses understand why they need to execute social media marketing strategies, and realize that getting professional help is a must.

1. Social Media is Going Mobile

A staggering 189 million Facebook members use only their mobile devices to connect, and from the end of 2012 until now, a period of only about nine months, the ad revenue that Facebook generates from mobile users has increased seven percent to 30 percent of overall revenue. This means that the site, and users, are spending more time on smartphones and tablets. As a result, any business that wants to receive online marketing help should understand that much of the advice they receive will be about targeting mobile users.

2. YouTube Has Incredible Reach

In the past, marketing efforts were often spent on radio and TV ads, since they were the best way to reach the young demographic. However, today, YouTube reaches more American adults aged between 18 and 34 than any major cable news network. In order to take advantage of that, businesses will want to receive social media marketing help that focuses on producing both fun and informative videos that can be uploaded on YouTube and shared with consumers.

3. LinkedIn is Exploding

Two new people decide to sign up for LinkedIn every second, which means there are constantly people looking for businesses or other individuals to follow. By establishing a strong LinkedIn presence, companies will not only be able to add a professional dimension to their internet online marketing programs, but also attract new social media users. This could be a vital strategy for businesses who need marketing help.

4. Stand Out by Blogging

Though 62 percent of marketers said that they planned to blog in 2013, less than 10 percent of companies actually have a full time blogger employed. This means that blogs provide a great opportunity for any business looking to stand out in the marketplace. With so few companies blogging regularly, any social media marketing help expert should spend some time explaining how a blog can be helpful.

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