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That brave new world in which the internet drives retail success is now truly upon us. There are 70 million plus users currently shopping online via their mobile devices. This amounts to about half of all mobile phone owners who utilize their devices for that purpose. As well, 65 percent of mobile web users depend on their smartphones and tablets to find local businesses selling goods and services at the lowest price. Three fifths of all individuals surveyed report having researched a service or product on Google, and 48 percent of people using mobile devices look up product reviews and corporate promotions on their tablets and Smartphones. Any expert in Search Engine Optimization will concur with the notion that the internet has become the paramount marketing platform of our age.

Google occupies a 60 to 70 percent market share within the search engine field, making it by far the greatest arbiter of corporate online visibility. The company is ironically known for its irreverence. For example, the lawns at Google headquarters are mowed by real live goats, and employees are permitted to spend a certain percentage of their time working on anything that strikes their fancy. Yet, regardless of the degree to which the Google culture is demonstrably fun and progressive, Google exhibits a dead serious attitude when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and search engine rankings.

On Google, the PPC click through model is responsible for conversion rates that are 25 percent lower than those of equivalent organic click through models. In other words, you cannot out and out pay your way to increased web site traffic. These days, content is king when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, and an organic click through rate is the best metric when it comes to analyzing the extent of customer engagement online. This is why Search Engine Optimization is central to the success of all companies with an online presence.

Despite the pivotal role of Search Engine Optimization in driving profitability, a number of small business owners have neither the time nor wherewithal to develop a strong Search Engine Optimization strategy. More than three quarters of small business owners head up marketing for their own companies. Yet, most of them do not possess any real grasp of how to increase search engine rankings vis a vis targeted Search Engine Optimization. If this describes you, it would be to your benefit to outsource your Search Engine Optimization projects to a reputable SEO marketing firm capable of facilitating maximal online visibility for .

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