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Approximately 75 percent of all internet searches never go past the first page of the search results. For those with an internet presence, that means that you need to appear on page one in order to generate sufficient search traffic to your website. Search engines typically represent the majority of any new internet traffic, but without proper search engine optimization you will not get that valuable traffic.

To baseline your google rankings, pick several of your most relevant keywords or phrases and perform online searches to determine where you are listed. At this point, you should not be discouraged if you have to go pretty far down the search rankings. This will be your starting point for all internet marketing going forward. Remember that Google holds over two thirds of the total search engine market share.

One of the keys to Seo marketing is generating multiple points of entry to your site. For example, you can be using third party links to site to generate increase search rankings. In the simplest sense, these links can be simple text links from blog comments or other casual links. These can simply be requested from other site owners. In fact, as part of your current blogs or web content, you should ask others to link to your site.

To create additional links to your site, you can create content especially for other article and news sites. While they may have slightly different needs, there are practically infinite third party article sites that welcome your submissions on relevant topics. Again, use your research of keywords and phrases to target your ideal subject matter and write brief, topical articles that can link back to your site. Search engines pick up these sites for their authoritative articles and can generate traffic for you through these sites, or directly to your website.

Last, but not least, you need to ensure that your website is built to be friendly to search engines. This entails updating your content to be clear and concise, and to support your most important keywords or keyphrases. You should follow typical SEO best practices, such as using appropriate title tags and descriptions for all of the elements on your site.

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