Popular Free SEO Services

Every online business owner knows that an SEO strategy is a must have if the business is to succeed. The problem is most online businesses and startup companies don’t have the budget needed to hire a local SEO company to handle their website’s SEO strategy. Luckily, there are several free SEO services that can be used to help increase a website’s search engine ranking.

Free SEO services can come in the form of downloadable software, apps on websites, or downloadable apps for iPads and tablets. These services are free to use and anyone with an Internet access can take advantage of the services it offers.

One of the most popular free SEO services offered to website owners is the plagiarism checker. Search engines love unique content and will even lower a website if too much of its content is considered duplicate. Website owners can use the plagiarism checker to determine just how unique the content is that they are placing on their website.

Another popular free SEO service is the use of keyword management. Keywords play a major part in any website’s SEO strategy. After all, the keywords that are used in the content on a website determine the potential audience you can reach through a search engine.

A keyword management tool that is a part of free SEO services can be used to help website owners find keywords that are related to their industry. They can discover what keywords people are entering into search engines, how competitive those keywords are, and whether or not the current website has those keywords on it or not.

The last type of free SEO service that is extremely popular with website owners is the backlink checker. Backlinks play a major role in how a search engine ranks a website. The more backlinks a website has, the higher the search engine rank might be. A backlink checker can help website owners see what websites have linked to their website.

Search engine ranking is everything in the world of the Internet and the free SEO services can help. Using these free SEO services can help online businesses and websites move up in ranks on popular search engines like Google and Bing.

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