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If you are a business owner trying to boost website sales, you probably have the notion that you may need search engine optimization. This is essentially one of the best moves you can make.

However, many people think that SEO is just stuffing the web content with different keywords, and that is all it takes. There are many other parts of a successful SEO marketing plan that are essential to a successful website, including SEO blogs and email campaigns.

Most people know that in order for a website to get increased visitor traffic, it needs to be listed high up on the search results page. Interestingly, the “PageRank” algorithm is name after Larry Page, the co founder of Google. So continuing on with higher rankings, you should note that 42 percent of Internet search users click on the top ranking organic results. These results are often produced through SEO blogs and good content. Also, this organic click through rate generates 25 percent higher conversion rates than equivalent pay per click, or PPC, click through. Again, these organic results are part of a full digital marketing plan that includes SEO blogs.

Because people are less likely to click on paid listings, you will want to ensure that you have the best content, include SEO blogs, which will create those organic links that people will click on.

In addition to SEO blogs, digital marketing will ensure that your website has been optimized for mobile devices. It is important not to ignore these users, because nearly half, or 48 percent, say they look up product reviews, or look for sales and promotions on those devices.

SEO blogs will also propel you to the top of the listings. Companies who have SEO blogs receive a larger number of indexed pages in Google rankings. These SEO blogs can also help attract people to your website by offering good, solid content and information.

Another great aspect of SEO blogs, and general SEO, is that inbound leads cost 61 percent less than outbound leads, like cold calling. Therefore, the return on investment for SEO blogs and marketing is quite good. Call a SEO professional now to get your own SEO blogs, and other digital marketing help.

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