The Right Internet Marketing Strategy Can Raise Your Profits

Search engine optimization

Are you having trouble promoting your company’s website? You might want invest in internet marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization (SEO), to help you.

What is SEO?

SEO is a process that aims at raising your organic search engine rankings on sites like Google. The “PageRank” algorithm Google uses, named after Google’s co-founder, Larry Page, is used to determine how high your website appears on its search engine. This is critical because about 75% of users never scroll beyond the first page of results on search engines. If your website is located on subsequent pages, you may never get the internet exposure you need. In addition, more than 90% of American internet users conduct at least one search daily, and 58% of them use a search engine to begin researching a product or service, more so than visiting a company’s site directly, or using social media to find out about it. In fact, in 2012 alone, more than 88% of teenagers and adults in the U.S. researched products, and followed up on social media before they made a purchase.

By investing in SEO, you will be able to utilize effective, organic SEO tools such as link building, social media marketing, effective web design, and high quality content marketing. If you outsource your SEO needs to an SEO company, they have experts that will be able to provide the high quality content for your site that can be loaded onto different relevant sites on the web, and shared through social media. The organic click-through that SEO provides will also be more effective, and produce a 25% higher conversion rate than Pay-Per-Click click-through. In addition, they can optimize your website for search engines, making it more visible to the general public.

With the help of SEO marketing, your website will be able to gain the traffic it needs to secure a higher search engine ranking. This could lead to more customers and higher sales, making SEO worth the investment.

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