Three Ways to Increase Your Google Search Ranking


Did you know that more than 100 billion search inquiries are conducted each month online? In order for your website to receive a significant portion of this web traffic, several internet marketing strategies must be utilized. Since Google owns nearly 70% of the search engine market share, you must implement the following SEO marketing strategies in order to improve the online presence, ranking, and visibility of your website on Google.

1. Content creation. This strategy involves creating keyword-rich articles and blogs that are used to rank your website higher as an organic link on search engine results pages. It is important for your website to achieve a high ranking because 42% of users click on the top-ranking organic link. Since organic click-through generates a 25% higher conversion rate than PPC click-through, you must utilize content creation in order to receive more traffic.

2. Mobile web design. Not only should your website be viewable on desktop computers, but it must also be compatible with mobile devices, as well. Your website should be able to work flawlessly on all types of mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, so that it can attract more traffic. Since mobile internet usage is expected to surpass desktop internet usage by 2014, it is imperative for your website to be functional on all types of mobile devices.

3. Social media marketing. Your business must also have a considerable presence on social media sites. By marketing towards this sector of the internet, the online presence and reputation of your website will significantly improve. Since approximately 65% of adults who are online use at least one social media site, you must market on social media sites so that you can appeal to these users.

In order to improve your search ranking on Google results pages, several internet marketing strategies must be utilized. Content creation, mobile web design, and social media marketing will all improve the online presence and visibility of your website. When implemented correctly, these strategies will increase the amount of traffic your website receives.

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