How to Get Discovered High in the Google Rankings


Trendy think pieces have already labeled our modern world of highly advanced technologies and our general prowess for their constant improvements as the Information Age. One of the biggest reasons information has become as accessible as it has is the rise in prominence of search engines and the online marketing tools they’ve spawned. The most powerful of these tools is likely search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

SEO marketing seeks to build a brand by increasing its visibility in the Google rankings. After all, the more your site is seen, the more opportunities you have to land new customers. It’s a complex process, though, so here are a few quick tips on how to make it easier on yourself.

Blogging for beginners

Companies that blog regularly end up with 434 percent more indexed pages in the Google rankings than those who don’t. More pages means mean chances for your customers to find you. Plus, blogging gives your organization its own personality, and consumers like to see the human side of the companies they choose to give their business to.

Going organic

Any time you enter a search term into Google, you’ll likely receive a few “sponsored” results, especially if it’s for a particular product or service. These are ads, plain and simple, and customers don’t like to have them shoved in their face. In fact, organic click-through tends to generate a 25 percent higher conversion rate than pay-per-click advertising. Customers like to think it’s their idea, so give them that option with SEO.

Closing on the leads

Take a look at the hard data on SEO and lead generation. Not only does search marketing yield great leads, but the close rate is nearly 15 percent. Compare that to the close rate on outbound leads like cold calling (not even 2 percent), and you can see why SEO is simply a smarter choice. After all, your business high in the Google rankings means more eyes are on it.

Page-one or bust

Since this is the Information Age, web users have an almost endless sea of data always at their disposal. They likely won’t comb through the Google rankings past page one, and why should they, if they can find what they need at the top of the pile? Your business can benefit from SEO marketing by helping keep it floating at the top. And with 42 percent of web users clicking on the top-ranked result in the Google rankings, you can’t afford to sink any lower.

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