Ramping Up Your Incoming Search Traffic


Even though up to 70 or 80 percent of users ignore the paid listings, the economics of the search engine business creates a lot of competition for search rankings and how users find relevant results. Using SEO marketing and best practices, you can improve your search engine rankings over time.

You can begin to create high levels of traffic and clicks from pay per click ads, but statistically you might receive 25 percent higher conversion rates on the regular, organic search results. In order to consistently generate incoming traffic, you may have to look at various search engine optimization techniques for your site. Take a baseline measurement of your site and your activities in SEO reporting before you begin making updates so you can track your success.

When looking at which numbers and results to track in your SEO reporting, you should pay special attention to the keywords and phrases that users are searching before finding your site. These are the words and phrases that you will want to optimize your content for. The further up the search results pages your site appears, the better chance you can take that traffic and turn it into conversions since 75 percent of search engine users never go past page one.

As you begin to increase the amount of content you publish, that is related to the chosen keywords, you should also look at the on page relevance of your more important phrases according to your SEO reporting data. When you can create individual pages that specifically address individual search results, you will find that can dramatically increase your search results.

SEO reporting
tools will prove that the process does take time to gain momentum, but it will begin to move the needle in your favor. In order to increase your ability to gain traffic, you should be consistently creating content for your site and for third party websites. This will help to increase your credibility in terms of search results, and it will increase the number of incoming links to your website. Patience in developing links and authority will pay off for your persistence. In the end, all of your efforts will help drive additional traffic and help increase your conversions.

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