Ramping Up Your Incoming Search Traffic


Even though up to 70 or 80 percent of users ignore the paid listings, the economics of the search engine business creates a lot of competition for search rankings and how users find relevant results. Using SEO marketing and best practices, you can improve your search engine rankings over time.

You can begin to create high levels of traffic and clicks from pay per click ads, but statistically you might receive 25 percent higher conversion rates on the regular, organic search results. In order to consistently generate incoming traffic, you may have to look at various search engine optimization techniques for your site. Take a baseline measurement of your site and your activities in SEO reporting before you begin making updates so you can track your success.

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SEO Blogs are an Integral Part of SEO

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If you are a business owner trying to boost website sales, you probably have the notion that you may need search engine optimization. This is essentially one of the best moves you can make.

However, many people think that SEO is just stuffing the web content with different keywords, and that is all it takes. There are many other parts of a successful SEO marketing plan that are essential to a successful website, including SEO blogs and email campaigns.

Most people know that in order for a website to get increased visitor traffic, it needs to be listed high up on the search results page. Interestingly, the “PageRank” algorithm is name after Larry Page, the co founder of Google. So continuing on with higher rankings, you should no Continue reading “SEO Blogs are an Integral Part of SEO”

How to Get Discovered High in the Google Rankings


Trendy think pieces have already labeled our modern world of highly advanced technologies and our general prowess for their constant improvements as the Information Age. One of the biggest reasons information has become as accessible as it has is the rise in prominence of search engines and the online marketing tools they’ve spawned. The most powerful of these tools is likely search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

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Have You Started Any Online Marketing for Your Business Yet?

Has anyone asked you: How can marketing help your business? If so, what was your answer? For the record: “I don’t know.” is the last thing that you should be saying to this question.

If you are unaware of the benefits of marketing, then your business may be in hotter water than we thought. Rather than feel embarrassed or ashamed, however, just read on. After this article, you will never have to shrug in response to How can marketing help your business? ever again.

  • How Can Marketing Help Your Business?
  • Marketing is advertisement. It is exposure. It is making sure that people are not only aware of your company’s presence, but that you are the best choice for the job, whatever that job may be. This can be anything from billboards to radio spots, television commercials to magazines adverts. However you get your name out there, someone is seeing it.

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Three Effective and Measurable Ways to Earn More Internet Traffic

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Did you know that nearly five billion internet searches are performed every month worldwide? Whether you are trying to earn more traffic for your own website or for your clients, several SEO marketing strategies are available to help. SEO resellers will employ these strategies in order to earn you more traffic, and they will even provide you with SEO reporting tools to help you track your progress, as well.

1. Content creation. This SEO strategy involves the production of keyword-rich articles and blogs that are used to increase the organic ranking of a website. In fact, organic click-through rates have a 25% higher conversion rate than PPC advertising, and companies that blog have more leads because of a 434% increase in indexed pages. Since 75% of users never click past the first page of results, content creation is Continue reading “Three Effective and Measurable Ways to Earn More Internet Traffic”

You Cannot Just Publish a Website and Hope You Need To Market

Have you taken the time to look for free SEO tools online yet? If your business is not doing its best online, then you just may need them. There is a variety of resources out there offering marketing help for small businesses, you just need to put in the effort of finding them.

But maybe you think that you do not need marketing help for small businesses. Maybe you think that you are doing just fine. But numbers do not lie. Have you even taken a look at your website hits recently? Maybe you just do not understand what SEO and online marketing can do for you. Luckily, below are three simple questions that could help you to understand just what it is and what it can do for you.

Moving Up in the Search Results

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Approximately 75 percent of all internet searches never go past the first page of the search results. For those with an internet presence, that means that you need to appear on page one in order to generate sufficient search traffic to your website. Search engines typically represent the majority of any new internet traffic, but without proper search engine optimization you will not get that valuable traffic.

To baseline your google rankings, pick several of your most relevant keywords or phrases and perform online searches to determine where you are listed. At this point, you should not be discouraged if you have to go pretty far down the search rankings. This will be your starting point for all internet marketing going for Continue reading “Moving Up in the Search Results”

SEO Is Simpler Than You Thought


Perhaps the most important weapon in any online marketing company’s arsenal is search engine optimization. Alright, so that’s kind of a cop out. Really, basically everything an internet marketing agency does falls under the category of SEO. Google’s PageRank system looks at so many factors now, that you’d be hard pressed to make marketing adjustments that didn’t effect your Google ranking. It’s easier to say what PageRank isn’t looking at than it is to list everything it does use.

When you think about it, Google has quite a task on its digital hands. When PageRank was first being tested, the 10 four-gig hard drives they were using were housed in a box Continue reading “SEO Is Simpler Than You Thought”

Top Five Reasons That You Should Be Using SEO

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Do you know what SEO marketing can do for your company website? If you do not know what SEO marketing is and the benefits of SEO blogs, then your site is most likely in dire need of update. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Which is just a technical way of describing the ways you get your site higher in google rankings. Did you know that less than a quarter of internet users ever scroll past the first page of search results? The best way to improve your comanys Continue reading “Top Five Reasons That You Should Be Using SEO”

Four Surprising Facts Social Media Experts Should Know

Most people, especially those who have careers in marketing, know that social media is already massive and is continuing to grow. However, they might not be familiar with all of the exact statistics that make so many businesses try to find social media marketing help. While the average computer user is likely to understand how to use popular sites, and their general purpose, it can be much more difficult to put that into a business context. Getting to know some of the jaw dropping statistics could help businesses understand why they need to execute social media marketing strategies, and realize that getting professional help is a must.

1. Social Media is Going Mobile

A staggering 189 million Facebook members use only their mobile devices to connect, and from the end of 2012 until now, a period of only about nine months, the ad revenue that Facebook generates from mobile users has increased seven percent to 30 percent of overall revenue. This means that the site, and users, are spendi Continue reading “Four Surprising Facts Social Media Experts Should Know”